Effra nursery expanding

Work has started on the extension to Effra nursery near the Barnwell Road entrance. The building is being expanded near the kitchen section, into part of the under 3’s paved outside area to give more capacity inside.


New website launched for Effra area

Calling all local residents in the Effra area. If you live in the block of roads bounded between Saltoun Rd to the north, Effra Parade to the south and between Effra Road and Railton Road, this is your local website.  Please send us your comments, information, questions, or anything you think your neighbours should know.

We’re working closely with the Effra neighbourhood watch that has been up and running for a few years, but we’ll report on other things to. If you’ve got something to say, please email us at effrablog@gmail.com

Giant Green Monkey mystery

Residents of Dalberg and Jelf Roads have recently been wondering what type of giant green monkey it is that was lost in the area, after posters were displayed on local lamposts and road signs. Alive or dead? Childs’ toy? Strange marketing ploy? Candid camera set-up? Precisely how ‘giant’ is it? Anyway, if you find one, call 07838 819936