Police dispersal zone comes to Effra

A new dispersal zone has been introduced in Brixton Town Centre and Acre Lane in late January for a period of 6 months, in response to concerns of anti-social behaviour. This will enable the police to move people on, bar them for 24 hours from the area and send young people home.

The zone includes Saltoun, Kellett and Mervan Roads, and part of Rattray Road. A map of the proposed area is here. Brixton TC – Ferndale Dispersal Zone Dec 11

If you are affected in any way for good or ill, and particularly if you notice crime and anti-social behaviour being pushed from the centre of Brixton onto our residential streets you can

  • let us know at effrablog@gmail.com,
  • or post comment on this story,
  • get in touch with Aysev Ismail, the area crime reduction manager for Brixton on aismail@lambeth.gov.uk or telephone 020 7926 2792.

One thought on “Police dispersal zone comes to Effra

  1. This dispersal zone will undoubtedly add to the tension that already exists between local young black residents and the police. One of the triggers for the riots last summer was the repeated harassment of young black men by police using stop and search.

    Such blanket powers as this are open to abuse and can be used to foster intolerance and mistrust of young people and to discriminate against them.

    Please read this guardian article about abuse of stop and search:


    watch this video of people being arrested in Brixon under the dispersal order in 2008

    and support any young people in Brixton if you think they may be being victimised.


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