New Community Freshview dates announced

Following the success of the ‘Community Freshview’ day on Talma, Mervan and Dalberg Roads on the 24th of September last year, the Neighbourhood Watch team are holding further ‘Community Freshview’  clean-up days as follows:

  • Sunday the 18th of March – Saltoun Road (between the Effra and Rattray Roads)
  • Sunday the 25th of March – Bankton Road, Probert Road and Rattray Road (between Saltoun and Probert Roads)
  • Sunday the 9th of September – Jelf Road and Rattray Road (between Probert and Barnwell Roads)
  • Sunday the 14th of October – Saltoun Road (between Rattray and Atlantic / Railton Roads)

(We will cover Kellett Road next year.)

Following a suggestion from the 24th of September, we are splitting the longer roads to make the logistics on the day easier – less far to walk to the van or carry stuff to the skip, and more skip-space per house, for example!

Further information will be announced on this site nearer the time.


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