Traffic calming victory for Morval/Dalberg/Barnwell Road junction

Lambeth council will undertake works in 2012 to improve the safety of the junction between Morval Road, Dalberg Road and Barnwell Road, following representations made by local residents.

At present, cars swinging round the one-way system on Morval Road typically do not indicate when they continue into Barnwell or Dalberg Roads making it hard to know when it is safe to cross.

In a letter to local residents dated 8th March, the council said it would:

  • install two sets of speed cushions on Morval Road to encourage lower speeds
  • construct a ‘raised table’ at the Morval Road/Barnwell Road/Dalberg Road junction
  • tighten the radius of that junction
  • renew the pavement at that junction and plant trees

All of this is due to take place in the spring of 2012.

In addition, the council has said it will tighten the geometry of the Dulwich Road/Brixton Water Lane/Dalberg Road/Effra Parade junction and construct a raised table there as well. This work is scheduled to be undertaken in the ‘Summar/Autumn 2012’

For further information, you can contact Richard Ambler at Lambeth Council Transportation team at,uk or 020 7926 1240.


4 thoughts on “Traffic calming victory for Morval/Dalberg/Barnwell Road junction

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