Effra pub joint third in ‘fave Brixton pubs’ poll

Our very own Effra Hall pub has polled joint third in an on-line poll of  favourite Brixton bars and pubs, organised by the Londonist site in conjunction with Brixton Blog, polling a mighty 31 votes to the winners’ 40 votes.

(Yes, we know, effrablog followers could’ve made the difference, next time we will ruthlessly organise weeks in advance and win hands down…)

The full results were (courtesy of Londonist):

1. The Trinity Arms (40 votes)
1=. The Duke of Edinburgh (40 votes)
3. The Effra (31 votes)
3=. The White Horse (31 votes)
5. Hootananny
6. The Prince Albert
6=. Dogstar
8. Seven
9. Mango Landin’
10. The Windmill

To celebrate there will be a pub crawl on Tuesday 27th March to the top four pubs in Brixton, coming to the Effra at 7.30pm. Why not pop by and give them all a welcome?

While we’re on the subject of Effra Hall, did you know the site used to house a lunatic asylum for women, with the same name? There’s a good history here


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