NEW Effrablog to monitor local area crime data

You told us in the effrablog residents survey that you thought crime was the most important issue in our area.  So we are going to start monitoring it, and lets see if we can take action to make our grid of streets safer.

The police now publish monthly crime data by street here. Effrablog will now monitor this and report on any trends, as well as giving advice as to how to avoid being a victim of crime.

In January 2012, the latest month for which data is available, there were 46 reported crimes in the Effra area. These mainly comprised of burglary (11), anti-social behaviour (10) and street robbery (12).

All roads were affected, with the most crime being reported around Mervan and Dalberg Road (6 each, mainly burglary and robbery) and Kellett Road (9, mainly anti-social behaviour)

Here’s some top tips from the police for how to avoid being a victim of street robbery:

  • if you’re carrying a bag, try to have it across your chest and keep your hand over the fastening
  • be aware of your surroundings and stay alert to what’s going on around you
  • be careful with your electronics; talking on a mobile phone, listening to an MP3 player or carrying a laptop bag shows thieves that you have something to steal
  • don’t carry important documents or credit cards that you do not need
  • avoid using cash machines at night
  • only take your wallet out when you need to
  • if you think you are being followed, cross the road or go into a shop and stay there until you’re sure you’re safe

This data will be updated monthly and published on this site.  If you’re really lucky we might even publish a graph….

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