Learn Flamenco for the Effra street party…

Local Rattray Road resident, Michelle Carrier (pictured), has started a beginners Flamenco dance class round the corner at the Small World Dance Centre on Effra Road. She’s told Effrablog that if enough people are up for it, she’d be keen to support some absolute beginners to do a performance at the Effra Street Party on 1 July.  Sounds like an opportunity to show the rest of Brixton how classy we are, so sign up now at www.lamorenitaflamenca.co.uk

Michelle, also known as La Morenita, is a professional flamenco dancer who dances with a group called Sumaya who have performed locally at the Ritzy as well as touring nationally throughout the UK. She has also lived and studied in Spain and toured in Europe.

Her Thursday night class for absolute beginners is working towards an end of year show in the Lost Theatre in Stockwell to be held in June, so the street party on 1st July would be a good way to continue the celebrations.

Michelle says: “ Late last year we did a joint show with some bellydancers in November in Talma Road in the BSVCC (where I actually started my classes) and it went down really well, I was thinking of getting my beginners to do a little demonstration of what they’ve learnt over the year which would involve getting a guitarist along and have a few students in costume do a dance or two. The street party was one idea of somewhere to do that as there was some (improvised) dancing at the last one and I think it would have added to the festival atmosphere.

“Usually people travel quite a distance in London to go to flamenco dance classes and there are some happening right on their doorstep.”

Here’s the link again.

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