Sign up to help with the Effra Street Party: 1st July

Plans are now cranking into gear for this year’s Effra street party, to be held on Sunday 1st July. The application to close the road has been submitted to Lambeth council and people are now getting on with the important stuff like working out where the trestle tables have got to.

If you’re around that day and can help with any of the following, please let the organisers know by emailing and we’ll put your name alongside the item in question.

Specifically, we’re on the look out for people with:

  • time – helping in the preparations and / or on the day
  • gazebos
  • barbeques
  • trestle tables
  • sound system
  • street decorations
  • ideas, skills or contacts for activities, eg face-painting, bouncy castle, table tennis

Don’t feel constrained by this list – if you have an idea of something that could be fun, please just tell us

The next planning meeting is at 8.30pm on Wednesday the 9th May at 18 Dalberg Road. All welcome.

5 thoughts on “Sign up to help with the Effra Street Party: 1st July

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  2. Thanks for setting up Kitty, and nice to meet you and your children at the last meeting. I am always willing to help re: street party. Having a trestle table and outdoor chairs. 4 with arms 6 sit up ones. Also Sarah who lives on the street offered live music she sings with various musicians in exchange for refreshments. Could be a great addition to party atmosphere.

  3. Thanks Marilyn – good to see you too. That’s great – we’ll add you and Sarah to the list. The planning meeting is tomorrow – weds 9th May – at 18 Dalberg Road (Aron’s house) at 8.30pm if you can make it? Spread the word.


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