3 days left to comment on Harmony pub development

Local residents are organising a campaign against the proposed redevelopment of the “Harmony” pub (also called “la pearl”) on the corner of Railton Road and Barnwell Road. It has been bought by the owner of the Dog Star, Antic Ltd. The deadline for submitting comments to the council is this Thursday, 4 APRIL 2012

One of the residents, who lives very close to the property, says: “This means noise pollution, lots of loud drunken people wondering about late at night, litter, fights, police etc etc. It will really affect residents living near the venue. …It seems really inappropriate for a heavily residential area!”

Several residents are organising a petition. To sign it, email barnwellroad@hotmail.co.uk with your full name and address.

If people want to write in their own comments, as mentioned above, the deadline for doing so is 4th April.

To comment you must make sure that you include your name and address, and the new reference 12/00163/FUL and write to:

Lambeth planning applications

1st Floor Phoenix House

10 Wandsworth Road



Or email to lambethplanning@lambeth.gov.uk

and also copy it to rosullivan@lambeth.gov.uk

Also send a copy of your comments to your local councillors:

Herne Hill ward Councillors:

Carole Boucher                       cboucher@lambeth.gov.uk                phone:07814 567 914

Leanne Targett-Parker           ltargett-parker@lambeth.gov.uk         phone: 07805 942 796

Jim Dickson                jdickson@lambeth.gov.uk                  phone: 020 3149 6657

Join the facebook group to stay updated, search for: 82 Railton Road Community

The reference number to quote is 12/00163/FUL

The plans can be viewed on the Lambeth Planning applications database – search by the reference number – or go to Tate Libary to have a look.

The full wording of the petition is:

Petition in relation to planning application 12/00163/FUL

 We the undersigned residents of the residential streets surrounding 82 Railton Road (previously known as Harmony Bar) object to planning application 12/00163/FUL. We object on two grounds:

(1)   Planning

(2)   Use of building


  • We believe the plans are not sympathetic to the area, the extension to the top and side of the existing building and to the side will be overbearing and look very unsightly and conflict with the surrounding area


Use of building as pub/restaurant/entertainment venue

  • We strongly feel this site is no longer suitable to be used as a pub or entertainment venue, as the surounding streets have become more residential and it is too close to these homes.
  • In recent years most shops nearby have closed and been turned into flats, and the school eight doors away demolished and rebuilt as 140 flats, so It has become a more residential area and the pub building continued to being used in this way seems totally inappropriate
  • This area is served by many other pubs and late night venues nearby, which are not located in such dense residential areas.
  • It will not be a pub for local people, closing at 11.30pm. It will be a destination bar. The developer owns the Dog Star and other venues which rely on late night licenses and loud music to make money. Even if this venue starts with a regular license, every effort will be made by the owners to extend this to a late night one
  • Noise pollution from both the music and from patrons outside when they leave – this will be very disturbing for many residents
  • Anti-social behaviour associated with drinking establishments & entertainment venues – this will be a real problem, and there are many families with young children in the area – which it seems particularly unfair
  • ·         Anti-social behaviour associated with drinking establishments & entertainment venues will be a real problem, and unfairly impact on many families with young children in the area
  • Increased litter issues – this will be very unpleasant and again unfair in a very residential area
  • Noise and litter associated with outdoor smoking – this will be disruptive and unpleasant for residents
  • Increased traffic and parking issues – will have a negative impact on the local community around the establishment.

 We ask that the licence be revoked and the venue be given permission to be developed for residential use only


8 thoughts on “3 days left to comment on Harmony pub development

  1. First of all, thanks for raising the issue…I wasn’t aware this was happening right on our doorstep. Secondly, I’m definitely not in favour of a new 3 story building development on the corner of Railton Rd and Effra Parade – it’s not in keeping with the rest of the area. So in general I’m against the proposal. However I don’t think we should object to the application based on it being a late night drinking venue. Because it doesn’t appear to be that. The planning application (from the Lambeth online database) is as follows…

    “12/00163/FUL | Construction of three storey building with additional mansard roof, containing 8 residential units at first, second and third floor levels and two units with restaurant (Class A3) and drinking establishment (Class A4) use at ground and basement levels involving part demolition of existing building and reconstruction involving enlargement of basement, construction of four storey extensions to side and rear, construction of three additional storeys above existing single storey on corner of Railton Road and Effra Parade and additional storey on main part of existing building and alterations to windows and doors in existing elevations, cycle parking and bin stores.”

    The goverment planning portal is clear about what class 3 and class 4 type developments can be:

    A3 Restaurants and cafés – For the sale of food and drink for consumption on the premises – restaurants, snack bars and cafes.

    A4 Drinking establishments – Public houses, wine bars or other drinking establishments (but not night clubs).

    A night club requires a different type of approval. If the property we’re talking about was granted permission for class 3/4 use and then the owner wanted to change the use of the building, planning permission would be required again.

    Antic Ltd, the company that owns the Dogstar and that has apparently bought this property own lots of pubs around London…they’re all listed on their website. While I agree that we don’t want another Dogstar or Tooting Tram & Social at the end of the road, I don’t think that a pub/restaurant like the Wheatsheaf or the E.D.T would be such a bad thing.

    Other than signing the petition, does anyone know if there is a way to consult with Lambeth planning to get more details about the application? I see that Lambeth’s neighbourhood consulation period ends on the 4th April.


  2. Well, effrablog invited Dogstar to respond to this story via twitter, and it appears that they got a bit riled, firing back three responses in rapid succession, which were then deleted and replaced with something a little calmer. Here’s the full twitter conversation in chronological order…

    11.30am – effrablog to dogstar initial tweet
    effrablog Effrablog
    @DogstarBrixton can you reassure local residents about harmony bar proposal? See effrablog.com story yesterday

    1.42pm – first answer
    DogstarBrixton Dogstar Brixton
    @effrablog please see antic-ltd.com. You’ll realise most if not all venues are loved locals, with interesting design & strong values.

    1.47pm – second answer
    DogstarBrixton Dogstar Brixton
    @effrablog Also interestingly most if not all @AnticPubs are not *just* late night ent. venues. But pointless to argue that on twitter.

    1.51pm – third answer
    DogstarBrixton Dogstar Brixton
    @effrablog BTW The Dogstar this weekend had comedy, theatre, 2 markets, pizza, 4 concerts & live music ! So your blog is very misleading!!

    3.20pm previous ones deleted and replaced with
    DogstarBrixton Dogstar Brixton
    @effrablog hi effra blog. Unfortunately it’s nothing to do with us! More a property deal. Planning laws around pubs are dictating use!

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  4. I tried to view the plans at Brixton library today, but they aren’t yet (!) available. They are accessible online, but I phoned the planning department to ask where they were, and they suggested that as a decision won’t be made until after Easter, then it would be worth making comments after 4th April even so, especially as the plans haven’t been delivered to the library as yet.

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