Effrablog celebrates 1,500 hits in March

Well, we’re only little – indeed a mere 9 weeks old – but Effrablog is just allowing itself a brief little celebration this evening, because we got 1,500 page views in March on this site and we think that is a good thing. (In February it was just under 1,000.)

Thanks to all our neighbours and general Brixton bloggerati for your readership and support. There’s lots more we want to do. Some ideas are simple little interviews with people who work in the Effra area, and perhaps a bit of local history. As well as reporting on crime, planning, and fun things going on. Plus really important cat news of course – lost ones and found ones in particular.

But the main thing to say is that we’ll do whatever you want us to do. So keep the comments coming, and point us in the right direction if you think there are things we could do different and better.  We are always looking for contributors to write pieces too. Most important, sign up for email, twitter or RSS alerts, so we can get local information to you fast.

Finally, we promise not to bore you with another post about how brilliant we are until we hit at least 5,000 page hits a month…..

One thought on “Effrablog celebrates 1,500 hits in March

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