Neighbourhood watch mtg – Weds 2 May

The date for the next Effra Residents Neighbourhood Watch meeting has changed. It’ll now be on Wednesday 2 May at 6pm, not 25th April. The venue is the same: the Brixton Community Base/St Vincent’s Hall on Talma Road at the corner with Probert Road.

All local residents welcome. If you’re planning to come it’d be useful but not essential if you could RSVP to Dai Hawkins at to get an idea of numbers. Volunteers to help are also much appreciated.

The purpose of the meeting is to:

  • enable you to shape your Neighbourhood Watch
  • provide an opportunity for us to meet each other
  • identify / confirm what are our main concerns
  • identify what the Neighbourhood Watch should be doing, or doing differently
  • generate ideas for improving
  • meet a representative from our Police ‘Safer Neighbourhoods Team’ to talk about local issues

For more information, email

One thought on “Neighbourhood watch mtg – Weds 2 May

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