Olympic threat to local policing?

At the recent Effra Neighbourhood Watch meeting, local policeman Sgt Bertrand Ravenscroft (pictured) told local residents that although the official line was that local policing would not be affected by the Olympics, in practice it was the case that our local police officers would be instead moved to Olympic duties. This would mean that usual non-emergency services would probably suffer. He also said that because all police holiday leave was cancelled during the Olympic period, there would be a  knock-on effect of lower police capacity for many months afterwards as people took their normal summer leave later in the year.

However a potential upside was that if the Olympic games went off well, such that the large numbers of police that were deployed there didn’t have much to do, then some of them might be used locally to increase police presence in nearby high-profile areas that could include Brixton town centre.

What do you think about this? Effrablog has recently added to our events page the times when the local police make themselves available to residents in Windrush square – so go along and have your say, or comment on this story.


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