Chickpea the cat returns home!

Good news – following massive efforts from the Brixton twitter and bloggerati, and many posters on lampposts, the small black female cat called Chickpea (pictured) that we reported lost from Dalberg Road last Saturday night, has returned home. Phew.

The owners said: “we think a Ginger Tom was keeping her out of the garden. She was thin and thirsty and a bit shaky but is fine. We would love to thank everyone for looking out for her and so many lovely people for being in touch with sightings. ”

This means that all the lost cats reported to Effrablog are now reunited with their owners, namely this one and this one in addition to Chickpea. Effrablog now considering setting up cats reunited service as a sideline….

One thought on “Chickpea the cat returns home!

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