Deadline for local community funding applications is Friday

The Coldharbour Community First panel has matched funding to distribute to community projects in the area covered by the effrablog website, indeed in the whole of Coldharbour ward in Lambeth. The funding comes from the government via the Community Development Foundation. Effrablog is represented on the panel so we’re keen to use this, our website to solicit applications both from our area and the whole ward.

The deadline for applications for the first £5,500 of funding for the year 2012-13 is Friday 15th June prior to the decision meeting on Sunday 17th June at the Brixton Community Base on Talma Road.

Funds are available between £250 and £2,500 and can be matched with volunteer time valued at around £11 per hour. Visit for the full eligibility criteria and an application form.

Please do circulate this blogpost around any community groups in the coldharbour ward that you think might be interested. If the panel doesn’t get enough eligible applications, the funding will be lost.


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