UPDATE: Did you lose a little black kitten?

Building on its recent success in reuniting cats with their owners (see here and here) Effrablog now has a new cat mystery to solve. We have been told that a very elegant young black male cat (pictured) has decided to move in unannounced with a household in Rattray Road. Who does it really belong to?

Its adopted owners say: “This lovely little black male cat has decided to move in with us. He is about 6 months old, not neutered, slim and very playful. We have called him Millo. He seems to be very comfortable wandering around the gardens between Rattray, Dalberg and Mervan road, so we think he belongs to someone in the area and maybe he got lost.”

UPDATE (22 June): An effrablog reader in Rattray Road has got in touch to say that they were feeding the cat previously because it turned up when it was very tiny looking lost in the snow. So it seems like the original owner might have lost a kitten some months ago. Was it you?

If yours, let Effrablog know straightaway and we will reunite you. All we ask in return is that you put a poster for the street party in your window….

Here’s another picture. He really is very cute.


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