Final street party planning meeting is at 6pm on Friday at Aron’s house

There’s been some confusion but now it is resolved. The final, and crucial, planning meeting for the street party will take place at Aron’s house at 18 Dalberg Road at 6pm on Friday, 29th June. Not 7pm, or any other time. This is when we work out who is doing what when and who needs to go where to pick up what. See you then.

Only 6 days till the Effra Street Party – time to find the old barbeque set

The Effra Street party will be held on Mervan Road from noon this Sunday, 1st July. Bring a chair and food to share. We’re looking to have as many barbeques on the go as possible. Do you have one? If so, please bring it down or let effrablog know and we’ll arrange transport.

Budding chefs wearing aprons and expertly branding various kitchen implements also much in desire…