3 days till the Effra Street Party: buy food, get cooking

The Effra Street party is on Sunday on Mervan Road from noon. The community is coming together. The Effra Hall is selling drink. Local musicians will play. Cars will be moved and pavements will be chalked. We’re borrowing a stage from the Herne Hill Forum and a microphone from one of Aron’s mates. Trestle tables, gazebos and barbeque kits are being requisitioned from far and wide. An ice cream vans and (hopefully) a fire engine will be there for the little ones along with an arts and crafts table to make masks to scare the grown-ups.

So now’s the time for the important bit: IT’S A FEAST. This means we need FOOD. Basically everyone brings some food and drink and we share. So it’s Thursday today and the street party is on Sunday. Time to get cooking!! Effrablog is considering something involving rice. And beer. (But separately.)


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