Effra Street Party: Sunday 1 July on Mervan Road from noon

There’s a street party in Mervan Road on Sunday – 1st July – from noon. Please bring a chair, and some food & drink to share. Cutlery might be handy as well. There’ll be trestle tables up for a big lunchtime community feast.

The road will be closed, so if you live in Mervan Road, please move your car by 10am on Sunday morning. If you fancy helping with the set-up, that’s also the time to come. We’ll be putting up bunting, assembling the stage, decorating trees etc

In the afternoon there’ll be live music and other performances on the stage, and a licensed bar run by the Effra pub (but you’re welcome to bring your own drinks too).

For the kids, activities include a bouncy castle, an ice-cream van, pavement chalking, ping pong and an arts and crafts table. And possibly a fire engine (emergencies permitting…)

We’ll wind things up when it starts to get dark.

With thanks to Martin Barry estate agents, Herne Hill Forum, Effra Tavern, Lambeth council, London Fire Brigade and the police for their help and support.


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