A love story set in the Effra sewers…

News has reached Effrablog that a book has just been published that is set UNDERNEATH our grid of streets. Entitled “Effra – a love story” its about a young Londoner who falls in with a group of squatters and activists who have become fixated on London’s underground rivers, especially the Effra, which as Effrablog readers know, runs underneath Dalberg/Effra Road on its way to join the Thames.

The author, Greg Roughan, writes to effrablog “I lived in Brixton for several years before I moved back to New Zealand, so I know your little patch really well – I lived on Mayall Rd and Crownstone Rd, plus off Brixton Hill and have set my book in and around this area…Some of the action takes place in the sewers underneath Effra Rd, and the picture on the cover is actually a photo taken from within the Effra river’s underground course. Sounds like this could be right up your alley – literally! Sewerage scenes aside, it’s a love story of a sort. Hopefully it’s something your readers could really get their teeth into.”

Effrablog is intrigued to think how love and sewers can mix.

Here’s the link to get it on amazon. Maybe Effrablog readers could review it.

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