Effra residents consulted on expansion of Sudbourne School

Ever since the decision to close our very own Effra primary school around a decade ago, there’s been no obvious place for the children in our grid of streets to go, not helped by being outside of the usual catchment area of some of the more oversubscribed schools.

Now we have the chance to do something about this. A letter landed on Effrablog’s doormat yesterday from the council asking for views on the proposed expansion of one of the heavily oversubscribed schools, namely Sudbourne School on Hayter Road in Brixton.

They are proposing to swap one of their own sites that is becoming vacant elsewhere in the borough (the old Livity school site) with a site near the school currently owned by a housing associaiton, in order that an annex to Sudbourne can be built.

This would effectively double the number of children at Sudbourne from 315 to 630 places (1.5 form entry to 3 form entry) meaning more places available for children in the Effra area.

So let’s say yes to this? You can do so by emailing Michelle Banville at the council on mbanville[at]lambeth.gov.uk or going to one of the consultation drop-in sessions at the school, as follows:

Thursday 12th July, 4-7pm

Wednesday 18th July, 4-7pm

Unless I’m missing something, there’s no downside to this for people living round here.


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