Protest about proposed train cuts!

News has reached Effrablog that the government is consulting on stopping trains from Herne Hill going all the way through London. Instead the idea is to stop them at Blackfriars. This is a pain in the neck for people trying to get from here to Luton Airport, not to mention jobs in the City, or indeed anywhere else. The consultation closes on 23rd August so we need to take action.

Here’s the link to the government consultation: . And here’s some things you can do to protest:

1) write to complain to There’s a sample letter below
2) signing the number 10 downing st petition at
3) liking/sharing
4) forwarding to colleagues, friends, family and anyone else that you think would support this campaign.
5) Write to one of our local councillors Matt Parr (, Rachel Heywood ( or Donatus Anyanwu (
6) Complain to the MP, Tessa Jowell MP on or call on 020 7219 3000

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing in response to the consultation on the combined Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern franchises: .

I am very concerned by section 7.21 and the recommendation from Network Rail to start and terminate Thameslink (Wimbledon loop) trains at Blackfriars station, rather than continuing through central London.

This proposal is devastating for millions of Thameslink residents and commuters who have made significant financial and personal commitments to live by the Thameslink (Wimbledon loop) line precisely because it takes them directly into central London, particularly Farringdon, St Pancras and City Thameslink. To take this option away in order to provide new services for other parts of London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, which already have better and less overcrowded services than the Thameslink, and whose populations are smaller than the Wimbledon loop boroughs, makes no sense and is deeply unfair.

Moreover most Thameslink (Wimbledon loop) residents and commuters have no access to the Underground. To them the Thameslink (Wimbledon loop) is absolutely vital – they have few other transport choices in this part of South London and they have made decisions to live and/or buy homes based solely on the Thameslink running through central London i.e. Farringdon, St Pancras and City Thameslink stations.

It is also particularly galling given that the Wimbledon loop (Thameslink) residents and commuters have suffered more than five years of poor service in the evenings and at the weekend, based on the understanding that these “vital renovations” were essential to providing them with a dramatically improved service in the future. Whereas, I am shocked to discover the complete opposite is true and appalled by the lack of communication.

I therefore urgently urge the Wimbledon loop MPs, Rail Minister Theresa Villiers and the Department for Transport to do everything they can to wholeheartedly reject Network Rail’s proposals that Thameslink Wimbledon loop trains should terminate at Blackfriars station.

Yours faithfully,

2 thoughts on “Protest about proposed train cuts!

  1. Update: there will be people collecting signatures at Herne Hill this sunday – come down to the market and sign the petition at the same time

  2. Here’s the response I got to the Dept for Transport consultation

    Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to the consultation on the new Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern franchise.

    We have taken on board the comments you have made and we are considering these together with all responses we receive.

    The responses we get are important to us and help inform our decision on what we include in the Invitation to Tender for the new franchise.

    We will publish a document in either late September or early October setting out what responses we received to the consultation exercise. The document will explain whether or not we have included suggestions/responses made via consultation in our final specification and our reasons for this. It is possible that in some cases we may put issues that have been raised to bidders to consider how these might be taken forward. Where we do this, we will explain why we have chosen to do this and how bidders will be required to respond.

    Finally, I regret that due to the anticipated volume of responses that we receive to this consultation it will not be possible to enter into individual correspondence.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond.


    John MacQuarrie
    Franchise Sponsor


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