New plans for road junction revealed – what do you think?

Lambeth council have contacted Effrablog with the proposed designs for the improvements to the junction of Dulwich Road/Brixton Water Lane/Dalberg Road/Effra Parade that were consulted on in 2010. Effrablog readers are invited to respond – either just post a comment below, or email

Richard Ambler from the council writes:

“We haven’t been able to tighten the junction as much as we had initially hoped as we need to keep clear tracking for articulated vehicles. However, we should still be able to achieve traffic calming through the raised table, reduced road dimensions, increased footway with new materials and tree planting. The crossing distance on the zebra crossing is significantly reduced. The central island is essentially the same dimension as it is at the moment but visually increased by using granite overrun areas. There is something similar at the central island outside Brixton Town Hall at the junction of Acre Lane and Brixton Road.

“We propose a slightly domed island made of attractive granite setts with a feature tree – something grand – in the middle. I would like to know what views people have of this and what type of tree you would like to see in the middle. This isn’t a formal consultation, but is a canvassing of people’s preferences. We plan to start construction work in the autumn.”

Click here to see the plans

5 thoughts on “New plans for road junction revealed – what do you think?

  1. Hi

    i’d love to see a Plane tree there – a mini version of the one in Windrush Square.
    Also, I’m v worried about having roads level with footpaths – how are blind people and kids meant to know where one ends and the other starts? Please can we have just a small kerb – so its still ok for wheelchair users but there is some demarcation between road and path.

    thank you

  2. Can it be better than the new amendments to the Morval Rd / Barnwell Rd as that junction has been made considerably more dangerous since it’s refurbishment.

  3. Regarding the tree, Richard Ambler at Lambeth has replied to say:
    We are looking at a Cyprus for the central island.

    For the rest of the scheme we want to go for a native theme based on
    similar species around eg. Silver birch, hawthorn, rowan.

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