Mmmmm dim sum

It has come to effrablog’s attention that there is some seriously good dim sum available on our doorstep at the new Courtesan restaurant. It’s the red one opposite Kaff on Railton Road that has been all sorts of other things in recent memory (like a pizzeria and a late night bar).

Indeed rumours are circulating that food critic Jay Raynor eats here secretly out of choice. Here’s the evidence (look who’s in the background).

It hasn’t had its official launch yet, so if you go now before it does, you will be Ahead of the Curve, which is where us effrablog followers like to be.

Here’s a review from a proper foody blog:

Victory for local Harmony bar campaigners

The Lambeth council planning meeting yesterday, Tuesday, that was expected to approve plans to develop the Harmony bar on the corner of Railton Road and Effra Parade in fact REJECTED the planning application. A notice on the facebook page of local resident campaigners simply stated:

The planning committee refused the application. It seemed to be because of the scale and massing of the design but when we get the official report we’ll let you know more. Thanks to everyone who came down and to Dan, Miranda & Margaret who spoke against the project along with Councillor Jim Dickson.

Another victory for Effra area residents!

See here, here and here for how we have reported the story

Meet Saturday 12 noon if you oppose plans to develop Harmony bar

Yesterday we reported how Lambeth Council Planning Applications Committee is minded to grant permission to the development of the Harmony bar at its meeting on Tues 11th Sept at 7pm (Room 8, Ground Floor – Acre Lane Entrance)

Residents opposed to this are meeting in the garden of St Georges Residences, 78 Railton Road at 12 noon tomorrow, Saturday 8th Sept to discuss tactics for the council meeting. All welcome

Here’s a link to the Facebook group to keep up to date about what’s happening:

Harmony bar development to be approved – council meeting 11 Sept

Effrablog has been informed that the proposed development to the “Harmony” bar (also known as ‘la pearl’) on Railton Road is likely to be approved by Lambeth Planning. The application is to construct residential units at the back and a new bar at the front. But residents can go to the Planning Application council meeting on 11 September to find out more. The meeting will be held at 7pm in Room 8 of Lambeth Town Hall and is open to the public.

Back in April, Effrablog reported that the owners of the Dogstar had purchased the property and put in proposals for its redevelopment, leading to a petition against it by local residents.

Here’s an extract from the letter that was passed to Effrablog, which says all you need to know.