Mmmmm dim sum

It has come to effrablog’s attention that there is some seriously good dim sum available on our doorstep at the new Courtesan restaurant. It’s the red one opposite Kaff on Railton Road that has been all sorts of other things in recent memory (like a pizzeria and a late night bar).

Indeed rumours are circulating that food critic Jay Raynor eats here secretly out of choice. Here’s the evidence (look who’s in the background).

It hasn’t had its official launch yet, so if you go now before it does, you will be Ahead of the Curve, which is where us effrablog followers like to be.

Here’s a review from a proper foody blog:

One thought on “Mmmmm dim sum

  1. we went there today and it’s a hidden gem – really great food very reasonably priced and loads of style – will definitely be going back!


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