We get lovely new roads

kellettLambeth council has started the process of resurfacing some of the streets in our area. Kellett Road has been closed this week, and Rattray is to follow, with cars being asked to move. Bye bye potholes!

Campaign to save Nour cash and carry in Brixton Market

nourA campaign has started to save local shop Nour Cash and Carry from closure due to massive rent increases. Here’s the petition: http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/save-nour-cash-and-carry-brixton-market.html And here’s the facebook page:

The campaigners write:

” Since Brixton village started becoming a hive of new activity with the opening of numerous cafes and restaurants, much publicised by the likes of Observer food critic Jay Rayner, the character of the market has started to change.We are now concerned that the success of these new ventures means that we are in danger of losing the diverse character of Brixton market altogether. The older businesses and shops selling everyday goods to a diverse local population are being put out of business as commercial rents become affordable only to those selling luxury goods and services to a more affluent population. Nour is a wonderful alternative to the big supermarket chains selling an incredibly diverse range of affordable foodstuffs and is unlike any other shop in Brixton.  Please help us to save Nour and safeguard the diversity of Brixton market by signing our petition and sharing it with your friends and other Brixton locals”

Tweet and share this story if you want to join the campaign. And sign the petition and like the facebook page.