Who’s up for a community clean-up in the spring?

fencepaintingIn the past, local residents have organised volunteer community clean up days, for example planting bulbs, picking litter, painting fences.

They are supported by Lambeth’s Community Freshview team who provide the stuff we need.

Anyone fancy getting involved with another one? If so, which road needs a bit of a spruce up? This is your chance to get a few people to sort out your road.

Comment below or email Dai at effra_nhw[at]btinternet.com

A possible date might be April 13th. Good day for a spring clean anyway.

3 thoughts on “Who’s up for a community clean-up in the spring?

  1. Hi Dai, a few of us on Talma road are interested in getting involved. Would Lambeth be able to supply hardy plants (ie rosemary/thyme/lavender and not pansies) that we can fill the planters we put together last time. I planted bulbs in many of the planters but sadly they don’t last the year. It’s also annoying that people think it’s for doggie poos and KFC packaging! 😉


    Shahid and co

  2. thanks shahid, I think dai is travelling for the next few weeks so lets get this sorted when he’s back and work out what the council can provide, else we could do a whip round or take some cuttings…..


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