‘Bling ya fashion’ workshops this week at Brixton Community Base

DSCN1853If you have a 12 to 16 year old getting restless this week, there are free fashion design workshops being held this week at Brixton Community Base.

The workshops started on Monday, but continue today and Friday, between 5.30 and 7.30pm.

‘Bling Ya Fashion’ has set-up a 3-day T-shirt and baseball cap design project, covering:
– basic hand stitching techniques
– learning about different types of fabric and how they can be used
– understanding the sewing machine and learning basic stitching techniques
– learning about commercial patterns and how garments are put together
T-Shirt printing and design
– learning how to recycle old clothing into new fashion.
– street merchandising
– learning how to apply for funding (entrepreneur confidence workshops)

For more information and consent forms, please e-mail:dogstar2012@hotmail.co.uk; or contact Lamonte Johnson on 0758467947


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