New hub for on-line campaigning in Brixton? Meeting on Weds night

hubA few Brixton residents have been discussing the creation of an online hub to connect up local groups and residents associations in Brixton to make it easier to club together on shared issues, initiate stronger campaigns, raising awareness and enabling rapid mobilisation when required. They’ve set up a webpage and are meeting to discuss on Wednesday, 27th March at 7.30pm at the Effra Social

Here’s more info 

Here’s the facebook page

They say:

We hope the Brixton Hub will make it easier to:

·         Club together on shared issues

·         Collect and disseminate information via the hub

·         Initiate campaigns and enable rapid mobilisation and petition signing by large numbers

·         Make it easy to get engaged – one click petitions and micro delivery & volunteering

·         Reach people offline as well as the online

·         Make it easy for groups to use the hub to manage their own email mail-outs

·         Link to useful resources and advice on getting stuff done

·         Opt in to issues of interest

·         Get involved in ‘micro delivery’ of leaflets on our street or block


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