Claude the cat is lost ;-(

Claude_on_wall2Claude the cat has been missing from Leander Road since early March. His owners have got in touch to ask if Effrablog people can look out for him. He is a small black cat with a bushy tail and pale green eyes.

The owners write “A cat matching Claude’s description was seen on Saturday 6th April, in the gardens at Josephine Avenue / Helix Gardens, and then a little later crossing Brixton Water Lane to Effra Mansions back gardens on Crownstone Road. He looked thin, and was very scared and wouldn’t come near us.  There’s a chance it could be someone else’s cat we saw, but having had a good look at it we think it’s Claude.  If you see him, please call – any time of day or night. If you can tempt him indoors please keep him in!”
If you have any info please call Rachel – 07714 649984 or Cis 07958 566094.

One thought on “Claude the cat is lost ;-(

  1. Hi,

    I got a message last night from a lady who saw this post on Effrablog.
    I’m afraid my phone didn’t show your number and so I cannot call you back, but thank you for your message!
    We have had a few calls from people, and we think there is a similar looking cat who lives on Dalberg Road, so I think it may be this cat you are seeing rather than Claude.

    We also know now that the cat we have seen around St. Matthew’s Estate is also not Claude – there are more black cats with fluffy tails in Brixton than I thought!

    thanks to everyone who has been keeping an eye out, and getting in touch.



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