Street party: next meeting Sunday 19th May 6pm by Mervan Rd postbox

street_party_2013_colour_with_bgGreat meeting yesterday, the volunteers are flocking to the cause. This week we should know if we have got a bit of funding for the street party from our new best friends the London Community Foundation. So we’re going to meet next Sunday, same time same place, to spend the money and allocate tasks.

The main thing to say is:  Join us and your neighbours for a communal meal on Sunday 16th June at noon in Mervan Road. Bring a chair and a dish to share.

We also need people to help set up  from 9am. And if you have spare camping tables, chairs, gazebos, outdoor play equipment please bring it along. We’ll also take any old arts and craft stuff you dont want for the kids area.

In the afternoon we’re hoping for music and fun.

If you want to organise anything in the street that day please do that would be great. We want Effra folk to come and do their thing, whatever that is.


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