At last… Dexters is open on Thursdays!

dexterThe wait is over…..thanks to local volunteers there will now be supervised play sessions at Dexters on Railton Road every Thursday from 3-7…finally!  It’s open to all 5-16yr olds but the awesome play structure is only suitable for 8+.
There will be other play activities available and soon there will be another structure for younger ones. In the Summer holidays it will be open Mon-Fr 10-6, all supervised so once children have been registered they can be left alone with staff there. Spread the word…effrablog wonders if there is an upper age limit for that big slide? Looks awesome.

2 thoughts on “At last… Dexters is open on Thursdays!

  1. Hi Dexters, Congratulations and well done for getting this off the ground. We’re a bunch of volunteers trying to create a small children’s family play area in Rush Common, Brixton Hill. Can you tell us where we can source things like sand (for a sandpit) Scaffolding boards and cut logs for seating and wood chips? The Council love what we’re doing, but can’t afford to spend any money on stuff. So, we’re relying on people donating stuff. Thanks!


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