‘Community Freshview’ on Talma Road on Saturday 17th August

Picture 1 - 04.13There is going to be a ‘Community Freshview’ day on Talma Road on Saturday 17th of August, between 10am to 3pm.

‘Community Freshview’ is a Lambeth scheme, led by residents to make a difference to our streets;  this can include painting walls, trimming overgrown greenery, and removing dumped rubbish.

Lambeth council provides all the tools free – such as overalls, hedge-cutters, paint, brushes & a skip.

If you are interested in joining your neighbours in improving the way our streets look, come along at or after 10am – you can join in for just an hour or so, or the whole day; and you don’t have to live in Talma Road to join in.nw-logo

We’ll be meeting at 10am at the ‘Community Freshview’ van which will park somewhere on Talma Road, or join us during the day in the street.

More information at: http://www.lambeth.gov.uk/Services/Environment/GetInvolvedToImproveYourNeighbourhood/CommunityFreshview.htm

Effrablog seeks contributors

Hello Effra people

We’re a community hyperlocal website and we want this to be a proper community resource. We’ve been going about 18 months now and have a reasonable following on email and twitter. If you live in our area and want to be able to post community news updates directly on the site please email effrablog[at]gmail.com

Its a simple wordpress site and we can come round and show you how to do it….

Lost: a wallpapering table, white cake plate, black Denby dish. Found: a pair of orange trainers

Message from Vanda at 49 Rattray….

Lost – At the end of the street party on Sunday, did anyone collect my wallpapering table which was being used for the children’s crafts activities? Apparently it was stacked at the junction but when I came to get it at 9.45pm it was not there. It has “Vanda & Julia, 49 Rattray” written on it.

Found – My son found a pair of children’s orange Nike trainers (Size 1) on the street on the Monday morning after the street party. Do get in touch if they belong to your child.


Also lost by Justin on Talma Road:  big white cake plate and deep round black Denby dish.


If you can help, please comment on this message or email effrablog{at}gmail.com

The trainers don’t necessarily look like the picture, we just put that on there for fun