Mugging on Jelf Road

nw-logoPlease take care when out late, as last week a resident of Jelf Road was mugged walking home from the tube at about 11.45pm.

He was hit around the head by someone with a weapon and knocked unconscious; his wallet and two phones were stolen, and was then left bleeding on the street.

Let’s hope this is an isolated incident!


3 thoughts on “Mugging on Jelf Road

  1. Don’t want to be alarmist but unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be an isolated incident. We witnessed a mugging on Rattray Road at about 10.45pm one evening the week before last and have read on the Brixton Blog that there have been a couple on Dalberg Road recently. Hopefully the police are aware and being proactive. Take care!

  2. It was outside my house – we waited one and half hours for an ambulance to arrive to take the poor neighbour to hospital – the police too were shocked and worried by the delay. I am writing to Tessa Jowell MP about it.


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