London Play in Effra area

Image from London Play website

Image from London Play website

Re: London play in the street.


Following on from last year’s ‘Effra street party’

in Mervan Road, it was suggested that we have a playtime in a local street from April 2014 as a once- a-month road closure.(optimum day and hours to be decided)

To see what interest there is we will post on the blog : for coments

A series of street closures for children to play out for an hour or so each month to be monitored by parents has been suggested along the lines of  Streetplay

London Play set up ( see website above)

Could our street be a play street?

Would you like your street to come alive with play?  The good news is that in many parts of London, starting a play street is fairly easy. Councils have simplified the bureaucracy involved – in some cases you can even apply online – and their growing popularity means your neighbours are likely to be supportive.






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