Latest news re: Street event

A few of us are gathering to consider events for 2014. Latest suggestion  Rattray Road between Bankton and Jelf closed for a summer event Sunday June 29th.Do you remember last years?Effra street party 6-2013  (3)lrphoto (31)photo (27)Effra street party 6-2013  (6)lr

To extend activities by having monthly Lambeth Street play time once a month with a road closure for an afternoon on a Sunday to enable children to experience  monitored outdoor safe play.

Anyone interested in putting up blogs  let us know by email: or look out for posters. For example:Parkes, Simon no credit

Missed event  Simon Park local Dalberg Road resident gave a talk at the Tate library Brixton  last Wednesday as part of Lambeth Readers and Writers festival 2014: ‘A Riotous life in the Music Business’

‘Live at the Brixton Academy’ by Simon Parkes and J.S. Rafaeli as reviewed in the ‘Independent ‘newspaper says  of the book: “His Rock fans will, of course, buy this book for its picaresque account of backstage encounters with the likes of Robert Plant, Eric Clapton and a monumentally capricious Grace Jones. Parkes and his co-writer, musician JS Rafaeli, have no end of yarns to tell. They are, you could say, the very British equivalent of the memoirs of legendary Fillmore promoter, Bill Graham. Yet the narrative works equally well as a non-fiction version of a Colin MacInnes novel,.. ‘

Other street events: ‘Community Freshview  ‘a cleaner street initiativePicture 1 - 04.13 where every 6 months or so volunteers help clear up an area with free skips provided by Lambeth.

2 thoughts on “Latest news re: Street event

  1. Hi there, I live on Talma Road and I’ve been trying to get in touch with you regarding getting involved in the street party this year, but the email address doesn’t work and comes back with an error! Can you post here or on Twitter the best way to get in touch with you? Kellie


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