Launch of Street play time June 29th


Re: London play in the street.street imagesAs mentioned previously, following on from last year’s ‘Effra street party’ it was suggested that we have a playtime in a local street from June 2014 as a once- a-month road closure

Rattray Road is hoping to host first street playtime on the last Sunday of each month from the launch date

Sunday June 29th between 2-5pm (length of limited timing as stipulated ) local children welcome to play safely.

A series of street closures for children to play out for an hour or so each month to be monitored by parents has been suggested along the lines of  Streetplay   ( see website above) and their growing popularity means neighbours are likely to be supportive.

Volunteer stewards are needed to provide regular cover, once a month. Loan of soft play equipment and support needed.

A meeting is to be arranged mid June, please come and share your views and/or to see what interest there is we will post on the blog : for comments

Or email us at : effrablog@gmail.comchalk

Effra residents share another street party June 14th

Kellett road are hosting this year another great street event on June 14th. sponsored  and helped by Effra Hall Tavern. There will be singing, dancing, DJ’s Bouncy castles, childrens fun activities, free guitar lessons.  Bring food and soft drinks to share . The tables provided by Brixton Community Base. Gazebos and extra chairs welcome.. Get involvled planning meeting is Monday 2nd June at 8pm at Jo Sloman’s flat as the pub’s closed. Contact Jo  for details> 07835165467Image.


Street Party World cup planning meeting May 21st 7pm Effra Hall Tavern

Jo  says: “Thanks to everyone who came to the planning meeting tonight. We discussed what needs to be done in the next couple of weeks.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 21st May at 7pm at the pub. Would be great to see as many that can make it as possible!”

Volunteers needed to help leaflet  on the day set up and clear away

also contacts for Bouncy castle Soft play equipment needed. Thanks to all those who have kept the ball rolling they said it was all over but!!!….. pass on your experience to new volunteers for another successful fun filled day for all the community. or turn up to the meeting to share in the Carnival atmosphere and fun.


Floodtide on the Effra


floodtideposterA music promenade on May 18th 12-4pm  although technically out of our area (Southwark), it’s an event  for the underground River Effra, so does flow our way. Musicians call out for today Sunday May 4th see details below

But we can also  promenade ( see below ) Melodica pictures of their promenade from Effra Hall Tavern to Hootenanny last month at the launch of their ‘EffraParade’ ‘ effraparade2

DSC03680album out now.

Street party update

World cup fever takes over this year’s Street party for a joint Kellet and Effra Hall Tavern supported by  Effra residents in the local area on Saturday 14th June

world cupphoto (41)

Look out for date of next planning meeting which will co-oordinate the event with planned: Bouncy castle, shared food, gazebo for arts and crafts, BBQ and DJ’s

Later in June: Play time on Rattray /Probert roads for a Local Play streets Play launch event (TBC ) hopefully Sunday June 29th  2-6pm when we can start a monthly street closure, just for local  children’s play time. Stress free/car free ( apart from access)

Image from London Play website

Image from London Play website

road closed

Do you want to get involved? email: