Launch of Street play time June 29th


Re: London play in the street.street imagesAs mentioned previously, following on from last year’s ‘Effra street party’ it was suggested that we have a playtime in a local street from June 2014 as a once- a-month road closure

Rattray Road is hoping to host first street playtime on the last Sunday of each month from the launch date

Sunday June 29th between 2-5pm (length of limited timing as stipulated ) local children welcome to play safely.

A series of street closures for children to play out for an hour or so each month to be monitored by parents has been suggested along the lines of  Streetplay   ( see website above) and their growing popularity means neighbours are likely to be supportive.

Volunteer stewards are needed to provide regular cover, once a month. Loan of soft play equipment and support needed.

A meeting is to be arranged mid June, please come and share your views and/or to see what interest there is we will post on the blog : for comments

Or email us at : effrablog@gmail.comchalk


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