Sunday June 29th watch out children about.

Re: London play in the street. We are starting playtime in Rattray Road between Jelf and Mervan from June 2014 as a once- a-month on last Sunday between 2-5pm road closure

Local children welcome to play safely with parental monitoring. Cars still have access but there is no through traffic between the hours of 2pmImage and 5pm 

A series of street closures for children to play out for an hour or so each month to be monitored by parents has been agreed along the lines of Streetplay ( see website above) Volunteer stewards are needed to provide regular cover, once a month.  guidelines on Lambeth website

Loan of soft play equipment and support needed. Any good ideas welcome including : Pop-Up library, Board games and launch day BBQ   email us at :

2 thoughts on “Sunday June 29th watch out children about.

  1. Hi all,
    just seen this and we think it’s a great idea. My daughter is looking forward to roller blading around and My son to play a game of footy, possibly on roller skates too, personally I’m looking forward to meeting more of my neighbours!
    Food for thought: I have a gas powered BBQ that I can set up ( I’m at n.58 ) and will have a few sausages to cook up, not enough for the whole street but if people want to contribute, they are welcome to add to it. The food will be in safe hands as I do this for a living…
    All the best,
    Sylvain, Daniela, Mina and Emile


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