Play street September 28th 2-6pm 2014

Rich Driffield erstwhile  local resident is also the Play street  coordinator reviewing the scheme in Lambeth. He wants to visit to see how its progressing in our streets

He emailed: Where are We at?

I am keen to find out where you are at right now? And see if you have any plans for future street parties . As part of the Big Lottery project we have funds available for residents to make their play street sessions a little bit special – so get in touch and we can talk! Lambeth falls in Year two of the project and we can look to offer you something in 2015.
Our next one is on September 28th Sunday 2-6pm.  After all our summer fun we hope more can children enjoy the car free afternoon. Games include: Bring your  Bike and hula hoops  and possibly table tennis.  Any children interested can help photograph/ film the event for our archive.

As this year there were London Play Awards for  children’s take on the Play Streets. What can we come up with next year More Art like Lamonte’s charicature drawing portraits. Big draw event or other ideas?

Any new volunteers get, in touch via. effrablog@gmail.comIMG-20140629-WA0000


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