Coors Ice Bar 12-18 December Windrush Square and More evening markets is it Good!

A message from Brixton Society objecting to  an event planned in Windrush Square if you agree or disagree contact Lambeth with your views. The image  below is from brixtonbuzzblog  of an evening market in the square, which is  happening more often.


Dear Licensing

cc Coldharbour ward councillors


I am writing on behalf of the Brixton Society to lodge an objection to the application for an alcohol licence for the Coors Light Ice Bar on Windrush Square from 12-18 December 2014.


The Brixton Society feels that this application should be refused as the premises are in a Controlled Drinking Zone where the levels of anti social behaviour and public nuisance are already some of the highest in the Borough.  The application is for two private bars on Windrush Square inside 2 structures. The licence application is for alcohol sales from 12.00 to 23.00 from Monday to Sunday with an estimated attendance of 1715 over the week, plus recorded and live music licences. This event will bring no benefit to the Community in general but is solely targeted at high end drinkers. Indeed their advertising for the bar is targeted at young drinkers from 18-34. It will close off a large part of a public space with no benefit to the surrounding area but will add a number of drinkers (over 200 per day).  If granted this application will raise the issues of double standards on drinking in a public place – street drinkers are likely to be moved on but it is OK to drink on the Square if you have money. This is an issue raised by members in relation to the licencing of the Ritzy Bar on the Square and is an issue which arouses strong local feelings.


Residents in the area who are Brixton Society members already feel the level of anti social behaviour due to alcohol is unacceptable in this area. To bring an attraction onto the Square primarily aimed at selling alcohol and bringing over 1700 drinkers onto the Square in a week is going to add to the problem.  This would set an unwelcome precedent of a bar on the Square which is in a Controlled Drinking Zone, adding to anti-social behaviour and public nuisance. Windrush Square is a public open space – if this is a ticketed event, then we assume the Coors Ice Bar will to fence part of it off and charge people to come in.  A clientele of 260 is a lot of additional drinkers per day and one would assume the numbers will be greater on Friday and Saturday. These nights are already difficult in this area for anti-social behaviour. Coors say they will provide public toilets. Will these be  sufficient to prevent more public urination which is already a major problem in the area.


Prevention of public safety – the need to provide security to manage crowd control and queues for this attraction is not reassuring. Whilst the intention is to only allow people to stay for 1.5 hours, they can drink before entering and will probably want to drink afterwards. This will add to pressures in the local area.

Prevention of children from harm – I thought this was an adult event?


There are worrying statistics for Coldharbour Ward on the amount of anti-social behaviour, crime, robbery and theft in the Brixton area.  We believe the granting of this licence in the run up to Christmas will lead to an increase in these crimes and should therefore be refused.


We hope you will consider this objection from the Brixton Society which I have been asked to make.

Tate Library Brixton Saturday 1st November

Make your own’ Laminated book’ with Joanna. A Coldharbour community first funded project .

Last two sessions this year 2-4pm this Saturday1st November  and December 6th.  2-4pm Pop-up cards.lib16

She is also running : ‘Jo’s crafty parties’at Max Roach Adventure Play ground and developing sewing workshops at Dexter Adventure play for children and adults.DSC02175

Update Winter events PS stay safe this Halloween

Coldharbour Community First Play Street grant meeting to discuss future play sessions  Sunday 2nd November venue tba

If you want to be involved email or ring 07514047427

pumpkinAlso Date for Diary December 13th. Can we get Brxiton Tea party musicians, any other suggestions welcome brixton tea party

Winter event at Brixton Community Base with possibly : grotto, decoration making and selling willow crafts, perfume and jewellery making workshops, balloon sculptures and a showcase of Community first funded projects.  An evening social with ‘Live music’ /Share  a pot luck supper /Raffle   details to follow

Meeting Monday 27th October Effra residents WInter event

At Brixton Community Base Talma Road at 6pm on Monday 27th October to discuss more future, locally organised events: i.e. Play streets in Rattray Road and Winter community event 13th December at BCB St Vincents. All welcome.

An update from BCB Board meeting to follow soon contact if you wish to receive their newsletterIMG-20140629-WA0000Lamonte drawing caricatures at Play street event Next one is on November 30th 2-5pm

Rosie and Wendy Shining a Light

Shine Walk for Cancer Research . It has now been two weeks since Rosie and I completed the night time marathon.

We had an amazing night the weather was unusually warm and dry. We joined 17000 other walkers who collectively have raised over £5m.

We had our ups and downs through the night, aches and pains and a route diversion that added a few extra miles to the route, but now blister and pain free.

A massive thank you to all of you who sponsored us.It’s not too late to sponsor if you haven’t had a chance to do it yet

Too many Coffee shops?

Best coffee shop? You can vote in Time out survey, follow the link.

Is there such as thing as too many coffee shops.? Apparently not.

I voted for ‘Federation’  but it’s a toss-up as there are so many. New on the block showing two sides of Brixton life almost opposite each other are ‘Parissi ‘ an urban chic venue set up by local guys from Effra Parade in Atlantic road with grants from UnLtd. and ‘New enterprise’  Opposite is’ Art Nouveau’ that eternal Pop-up site with local vibe.

Test and see difference. Apart from the price £2. ( whereas £2.60 seems to be the going rate for coffee latte…in Brixton )so anything less is a bonus even. ‘Phoenix’ moved nearer to the  ‘Dog Star’ but seems to have increased in prices.

I remember the old ‘Brady’s’ pub or  ‘Railway Tavern’as was. Very classic unique 6-sided Clock face tower so could be seen from all the  railways .Should it have been a Market traders community venue? Lambeth thought not and sold out to developers. So now we have a chain ‘Wahaca ‘the debate continues, urban vibe with strange graffitied 9 photos care of Mikeurban Brixton Buzz blogwahaca-bradys-brixton-03 wahaca-brixton-bradys-01 paintwork overlaying brick and under the arches feel at the back. It does employ some local young people and their free tasting sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday this week did include the local community via door leafleting. Do you remember ‘Taco Joe’s ‘ that was an original independent Mexican Restaurant in the 1980’s. Are we doomed to more  chains?

Shine a light Cancer Research update and Party time for the local community.

As we played in the street in  Rattray road Sunday 28th (next Play date )is  October 26th 2-6pm HALLOWEEN themed apple bobbing etc.)

I thought of Rosie and Wendy (Rattray road residents)who had walked,

jogged, struggled for Cancer Research.

Rosie nearly managed to reach her £650 target so if there are any kindly pockets there is still time to give: or Wendy whose target  needs some extra support to reach.

Other  news. Keep 13th December free  for a Community party at Brixton Community Base contact Caroline at

photo (28)

Future Brixton HLF Heritage success

Walking on down Electric Avenue with a friend form Portugal today, doing the Stockwell Road cafe scene for her benefit, we cut back along Electric Avenue. I told her how the run down nature would soon change due to Future Brixton efforts / after consultations with local people. They were successful in their bid to see Electric Avenue return to some of its old glory.

(see link) Brixton Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) will see a £2.6 million investment in historic buildings and the part they play in local culture. The focus is on Electric Avenue – built in the 1880s it was the first shopping street in the country to be lit by electricity and found fame in 1983 through the Eddy Grant single of the same name.

The Heritage Lottery Fund has awarded £1,950,000 to the initiative and Lambeth Council has committed a further £650,000.