Future Brixton HLF Heritage success

Walking on down Electric Avenue with a friend form Portugal today, doing the Stockwell Road cafe scene for her benefit, we cut back along Electric Avenue. I told her how the run down nature would soon change due to Future Brixton efforts / after consultations with local people. They were successful in their bid to see Electric Avenue return to some of its old glory.

(see link)http://futurebrixton.org/brixton-central/thi/?utm_source=Sign-Up.to&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=17118-249302-Future+Brixton+email+updateunnamed2unnamedThe Brixton Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) will see a £2.6 million investment in historic buildings and the part they play in local culture. The focus is on Electric Avenue – built in the 1880s it was the first shopping street in the country to be lit by electricity and found fame in 1983 through the Eddy Grant single of the same name.

The Heritage Lottery Fund has awarded £1,950,000 to the initiative and Lambeth Council has committed a further £650,000.


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