Too many Coffee shops?

Best coffee shop? You can vote in Time out survey, follow the link.

Is there such as thing as too many coffee shops.? Apparently not.

I voted for ‘Federation’  but it’s a toss-up as there are so many. New on the block showing two sides of Brixton life almost opposite each other are ‘Parissi ‘ an urban chic venue set up by local guys from Effra Parade in Atlantic road with grants from UnLtd. and ‘New enterprise’  Opposite is’ Art Nouveau’ that eternal Pop-up site with local vibe.

Test and see difference. Apart from the price £2. ( whereas £2.60 seems to be the going rate for coffee latte…in Brixton )so anything less is a bonus even. ‘Phoenix’ moved nearer to the  ‘Dog Star’ but seems to have increased in prices.

I remember the old ‘Brady’s’ pub or  ‘Railway Tavern’as was. Very classic unique 6-sided Clock face tower so could be seen from all the  railways .Should it have been a Market traders community venue? Lambeth thought not and sold out to developers. So now we have a chain ‘Wahaca ‘the debate continues, urban vibe with strange graffitied 9 photos care of Mikeurban Brixton Buzz blogwahaca-bradys-brixton-03 wahaca-brixton-bradys-01 paintwork overlaying brick and under the arches feel at the back. It does employ some local young people and their free tasting sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday this week did include the local community via door leafleting. Do you remember ‘Taco Joe’s ‘ that was an original independent Mexican Restaurant in the 1980’s. Are we doomed to more  chains?


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