JERRY DAMMERS (The Specials), WILL BANKHEAD and CHIEF COMMANDER YAAAAAABA’s 2014 Christmas Extravaganzaaaa!


@ EFFRA SOCIAL, Brixtown Central

Be marvellous to see you all for a pre-sprout Crimbo flail about…

Oh, and while you’re flailing about you can bung a TENNER into the coffers of the fantastic Brixton boys  ESHA sports club.

<Terry Wogan voiceover> Because of your super generous donations, last year we made an incredible £3000 from the inaugural ESHA gig. The cash went directly to the club and has since funded, amongst kit, footballs etc, the subs and registration costs for a number of local lads who otherwise wouldn’t be able to play for the club. Bring it on again this year people!<end of Terry Wogan voiceover>

Come and have fun and do good!


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