SUNDAY 2-5pm Rattray Road 25th January Play Street notification

IMG-20140629-WA0001IMG-20140629-WA0004IMG-20140629-WA0003Remember Remember November. We held it in Brixton Community Base Talma Road with bouncy castle thanks to Val Berry and Carioline of BCB has said if its wet and windy we can do the same  for January 25th’s Play street. Thanks to all the support last year Matthew Bridge in particular. Lamonte Johnston runs other arts workshops as does Joanna Spilman and Jane Duncan in local Libraries and Adventure Play centres.

Yoga and Meditation

We are asked to post a variety of information including listings for : ‘Revitalising the parts’  which need renewal. Here are a few such held at Yoga Point or Brixton Community Base or further afield. See also:

Joy Anderson of Mervan Road  Joyoga Holidays :

Soul Gardening Journey Through the Chakras (1) with Maria Masullo :

and one from Chris Holt Want to make yoga a more central part of your life? Need help developing a home practice? This workshop will give you tools to make yoga and meditation resolutions you can keep in 2015.

Experienced yoga teacher Chris Holt (and former Talma Road resident) will:

  • show you how to break a yoga practice down into memorable “chunks”.
  • share key tips from 20 years of yoga through different life stages
  • give you a flexible yoga practice of 10-70 mins on audio CD (worth £12)
  • teach visualisation techniques that will help you create a strong source of motivation to maintain your practice
  • use yoga nidra (deep relaxation) to embed your resolution deep in your mind.

Events and round up… New Street champions

Neighbourhood Engagement officer Karl was in touch with effrablog about a Pilot project in Lambeth

Street Champions is currently a pilot project which is being rolled partially on 140 streets with the aim of going borough wide in April,  which limits us to working on specific road so in this instance it is only on Mervan.

We agreed that we  would try and meet again in 3-4 weeks time.  Let us know if you have any further thoughts or feedback.Kind regards Karl Bolingbroke

020 7926 3069

January News 2015

advent 7advent1st

Beautiful Advent Calendar windows displayed on Rattray Road for the second year running encouraged  this response on Mervan Road. Communities sharing the festive season were supported by Brixton Community Base and their Coldharbour Community first Winter event. Thanks to  the support of Rachel Heywood and Matt Parr our local councillors in Coldharbour Ward. The community spirit was in full swing if you are interested in developing a Coldharbour Community fund after this year please contact them. : / and help them continue the good work.

Other possible sources of funding via Brixton Neighbourhood Forum meeting this evening Monday 12th Jan. 7pm Vida Walsh Centre 2b Saltoun road contact secretary: for details