Yoga and Meditation

We are asked to post a variety of information including listings for : ‘Revitalising the parts’  which need renewal. Here are a few such held at Yoga Point or Brixton Community Base or further afield. See also:

Joy Anderson of Mervan Road  Joyoga Holidays :

Soul Gardening Journey Through the Chakras (1) with Maria Masullo :

and one from Chris Holt Want to make yoga a more central part of your life? Need help developing a home practice? This workshop will give you tools to make yoga and meditation resolutions you can keep in 2015.

Experienced yoga teacher Chris Holt (and former Talma Road resident) will:

  • show you how to break a yoga practice down into memorable “chunks”.
  • share key tips from 20 years of yoga through different life stages
  • give you a flexible yoga practice of 10-70 mins on audio CD (worth £12)
  • teach visualisation techniques that will help you create a strong source of motivation to maintain your practice
  • use yoga nidra (deep relaxation) to embed your resolution deep in your mind.


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