Too many Consultations?

How can the borough of Lambeth keep us residents informed unless they do cconsultations..? Discuss…

Saturday 21 March: 11am to 1 pm at the Karibu Centre, Gresham Road, SW9, with the main focus on Parks and events.

Meanwhile here is one about planning that may skip your notice. Available in hard copies at the Library and Town Hall   Current response needed by April or Lambeth may not give  people written notice if their neighbour plans a mega development on their doorstep. or will limit where information is to be found. 

Well it does matter. If you can’t fill in these,  you could join Brixton Society http://www.brixtonsociety,org , as its newsletter gives up to date information and Brixton Society Members because of their expertise in Planning matters act as consultants to and  with the council.

So to ensure your views are taken into consideration put your views across, fill in a questionnaire or let others do it for you!

Meanwhile for housing issues Somerleyton Road Scheme has workshops with the architects to give local advice on types of Affordable dwellings ?

Brixton Windmill re-opens

The Windmill re-opens for tours on Easter Saturday, 4 April. The full list of open days and booking details will be on the Friends’ website shortly, see www.brixtonwindmill.orghome_page_march_2015.jpg600x640.2photo Nick Weedon

Follow-up meeting with the new architects on 26 March. See also or enquiries to:

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