This week’s local events coming up.

Sunday 29th March Play Street

Good news Brixton Neighbourhood Forum have given money towards the bid Jane Duncan Ribeiro is co-ordinating. We hope for good weather on Sunday so let the young ones know there will be large play equipment out in the street Rattray road from 2-5pm Last Sunday of the month up to 31st May agreed by Lambeth Streetworks

‘Burn the books ‘198 gallery event in St Matthews Peace Garden Sunday 2-3.30pm Sunday. 29th March. You can still participate via their ‘Burning the’ Books a live touring project

Times are changing but it reminds some of us of the 70’sIMG-20140629-WA0004

Community involvement is essential . Volunteer if you can but lobby to ensure the services and space you care about are kept.

Plans for Music Arts and Dance and Drama events in the park are in full swing for this season and with extra volunteer support ‘The Dog Show’ will happen.

Effrablog will support the Music Arts Dance and Drama events. Look out for Effra residents running workshops on Sunday 10th May and July 5th in performance space area outside Broockwell Hall details to follow and of course ‘Wind in the Willows’ care of 16 ‘ Feet. a  locally managed theatre company under the aegis of Lambeth events and 16’ are also running FIRST DRAFT Playwriting competition  Calling all Lambeth playwrights!
An opportunity for aspiring and emerging writers to showcase their work.
Sixteenfeet Productions is teaming up with the Lambeth Readers and Writers Festival and Omnibus Clapham to present FIRST DRAFT, a competition for playwrights, open to anyone who lives, works or studies in Lambeth.
Seven plays will be selected and rehearsed with a professional cast and directors. These will be staged on 5th& 6th June at Brixton Library.
There will be a category for young writers of 21 and under.
Submissions deadline: midnight 23rd April.Successful and exiting new plays performed for Readers and Writers festival in our libraries. If they are as good as last year’s selection it will be great. Look out for more events held in  the park Walled Garden

(image by Max Roach of Brockwell Park ) and performance area. Another post on Parks to follow.



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