Libraries/ Parks Note regarding Lambeth consultations and meetings

please note Parks  and sports facilities are on the agenda (see attached below)

A Friends of Tate Library  Brixton representative will be at the the library Saturday 28th March 2pm to assist looking at Consultation documents

We know you love Brockwell Park – and all the other parks and green spaces in Lambeth!


We believe that maintaining parks and open spaces is vital to the health and well-being of all who live and work in Lambeth. More people use parks and open spaces than any other service Lambeth provides.


The Parks’ budget will be cut by half – from £4.4m a year to £2.2m by 2016.


You can do something –there are two different ways you can let Lambeth know what you think about their proposals. Lambeth want to know what you think – but if you don’t support your park in either of the ways listed below – then they will hear that parks don’t matter that much.

The Public Consultation ends on Friday 24 April. So you need to go online  to and fill in the questionnaire; and get your friends to do the same. Each person who fills it in counts – each person who doesn’t will get the decisions made for them!

You can get a hard copy of a summary “Cultural Services by 2020” from your local Lambeth Library. Brixton should have them. It has the questionnaire in so you can fill it in that way and then post it – or hand it in at any library.

Please respond to the consultation and say why safe and well-maintained parks are a vital service. We don’t want to see the improvements that have taken place in the last 20 years – lost.


Famous authors defend Lambeth libraries and “the power of shared imagination”

A number of popular authors, including Irvine Welsh, Jackie Collins and Ian Rankin, have expressed support for the campaign to stop the closure of Libraries in Lambeth, South London.

Campaign group Save Lambeth Libraries circulated the author statement in opposition to the Culture 2020 consultation. They are opposed to the current proposals to reduce the borough’s statutory library service from ten to five libraries. Author Stella Duffy commented on Lambeth Council’s plans that “A civilised community needs ALL of its libraries – ALL of the time.”

The campaigners met at a public meeting on 11th March at Brixton Library. Award winning local writer Alex Wheatle will address the meeting, alongside library staff, users and campaigners.


“We welcome the support from so many writers” said Ruth Cashman of Save Lambeth Libraries. “There is growing opposition across the borough to the council’s cuts. In 2012 Sally Prentis, then Cabinet Member for Culture promised ‘we will not be closing any libraries, outsourcing the service to private companies or handing over the buildings to volunteers.’ In a scandalous retreat the council is now proposing all three.”


Editors note – text of the statement and list of authors

Libraries change lives. They are magical portals to worlds of wonder, replete with possibility, especially for poor, working class, black and ethnic minority people, they offer a hope of rising above the limiting circumstances of our birth. For the shy, isolated and excluded child, they offer companionship and a chance to rehearse bravery, for poor, working class, black and ethnic minority people the chance to meet their full potential. Libraries are more than a material resource; they are the commitment of our community to its future. They express a faith in the power of shared imagination. Lambeth Council, one of the poorest boroughs in the country, is stopping funding to half of the borough’s libraries. Two will be immediately sold off to cash in on the rising property prices locally. Others they hope will be taken over by fantasy big society community groups, or replaced by bookshelves in pubs. Threatening half the borough’s libraries with closure is a short-sighted and irresponsible plan, public libraries are an essential part of a functioning literate nation. This is an act of vandalism against the community, signalling the death of hope that anything can ever get better.

Authors: Philip Ardagh, Tim Atkinson, Margaret Bateson-Hill, Jag Bhalla, Clive Bradley, Elizabeth Buchanan, Cathy Cassidy, Mark Chadbourn, Marika Cobbold, Jane Costello, Jackie Collins, Cressida Cowell, Bobbie Darbyshire, John Dougherty, Stella Duffy, Katie Fforde, Catherine Gault, Alan Gibbons, Andrea Giles, Daisy Goodwin, Jeremy Hardy, Joanne Harris, Kate Harrison, Ian Hocking, Milly Johnson, Caroline Jowett, Bernadine Kennedy, Fiona Pitt-Kethley, Tim Lebbon, Toby Litt, Val McDermid, Anthony McGowan, Sarah McIntyre, Paul Mason, Bali Rai, Ian Rankin, Jay Rayner, Zelda Rhiando, Anna Robinson, Michael Rosen, Meg Rosoff, Marcus Sedgwick, Caroline Smailes, Irvine Welsh, Alex Wheatle, Jamie Zubairi

Save Lambeth Libraries is a campaign group set up to oppose the closure and cuts to the library service in the borough.

Phone: Ruth Cashman 07930 845 495


Twitter: @SaveLambthLibs




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