Local talented people are busy and thank us for support


And we have a NEW venue in central Brixton…”Number 6″, Somerleyton Road, SW9 8ND – opposite Brixton market

and a TENNER (yes ONLY £!0) into the tin all of which will go directly to the fantastic Brixton ESHA* footy club for young people in the area.SATURDAY 9th MAY!

Kickstarter campaign

Antonio Ribiero  Thanks  supporters

Over the last week we trebled the number of supporters for our project. Whilst I am pleased at the way things have gone so far, there is still A LOT more we need to do in order to reach our target of £10K. So today, I had a light bulb moment: we have now entered into election mode and the themes of our film, I believe, strike a chord with many in the UK.

The housing crisis, immigration and mental health are dominant themes. I have lived in South East London for almost twenty-years and I have seen so many things changing, unfortunately for the worse: the rise in house prices, rents going sky-high for those who cannot afford to buy, a shortage of nursery and school places and a general lack of support for families who just happen to fall through the net.



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