Somerleyton Road request response.

Email sent to our blog. Requesting our take on a truly Affordable housing, Community Asset/ Oval House /Chef training /New medical Health centre and Alzheimers respite care just round the corner.

Hello, We are doing research into what Brixton residents think about the Somerleyton Road development. We have been asked to do this by igloo who are the development managers for Somerleyton Road.

We have set up a website where people can let us know what they think about the development.  Could you please circulate this link and let people know about this? We would like this to be circulated as widely as possible, and would appreciate your help with this.

This is independent research, and the report of the results will be made public.

As well as gathering information through Commonplace we have been speaking informally to residents and traders in the area around Somerleyton Road, we’ll be working with a social research company to carry out a door to door survey of the area as well. We’re also talking to organisations working in the area, and community groups.

If you’d like to talk to us about this, or know more about what we are doing, get in touch 0207 7039630 or

Best wishes the Social Life Team


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